Learn How Stretching Can Affect Your Weed Plants

The benefits of stretching can be felt in almost all parts of the body, including your cannabis plants. Stretching is not only beneficial to your plants, it can also help to drastically boost their production and overall health! In this article, we’ll

Know When YOUR Optimal Time To Plant Cannabis Outdoors Is!

Do you know your optimal time to plant cannabis outdoors? Whether you’re a beginner in cannabis gardening or an experienced grower, knowing when the right time to plant is key. Luck favours the prepared, and when it comes to cannabis, t

June Is Prime Time for Cannabis Plant Flowering

You know that feeling when the days start getting longer and warmer? Well, June is one of the prime times for cannabis flowering! Cannabis plants are day-length dependent so they’ll respond to a changing photoperiod as the days start getting longer and

July 2020: Taking a Closer Look at Cannabis Growth

The July 2020 take on cannabis growth has been extremely interesting. With this expanding industry, there’s lots of opportunity for everyone involved. Being involved in this sector has taken on a whole new meaning as states, businesses and individuals

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